Heart disease and immune system: What can you do about it

Heart disease and immune system connection is most often neglected, much like hormones and their role in heart disease. Immune system affects cardiovascular system in more ways than one.

By fighting germs, it prevents viral and bacterial diseases of the heart muscle as well as cancer which can develop in the pericardium. There are also some natural antibiotics which can help the immune system, by fighting the bad guys.


However, the most effective way to decrease the risk of heart disease, when it comes to immune system, is to make sure that it is functioning optimally.

Immune system consists of natural killer cells, T cells, B cells, macrophages, granulocytes, monocytes, dendritic cells, antibodies and other white blood cells and chemicals.

All of them work together, like a well-organized army which protects us, including the cardiovascular system, from dangerous micro organisms much better than antibiotics or other similar medications.

While bacterias and viruses can adapt to antibiotics, immune system can adapt to these dangerous micro organisms thereby becoming more efficient in destroying them.

If we want to boost immune system, the biggest attention should be focused on cytokines. Cytokines can be described as hormones of the immune system which have profound affect on many white blood cells and chemicals.

The most well known cytokines are interleukins and interferons. Interleukins and interferons regulate production, growth and response of NK cells, T cells, B cells, dendritic cells and other white blood cells.


While strong and efficient immune system keeps us healthy, unbalanced, overactive or misdirected immune system results in inflammation, pain and destruction of the healthy tissue.

When it comes to heart disease, this is most obvious in case of rheumatoid fever which can damage the heart muscle and increase the risk of heart attack and atherosclerosis.

Although anti inflammatory foods and herbs can be of great help, you should pay special attention to your hormones. Autoimmune diseases are often treated with steroids which are synthetic versions of hormones. However, instead of taking steroids, it is better to focus on improving our hormonal balance with diet, exercise, rest and adaptogens.

Adaptogens help the body achieve the state of balance. By balancing our hormones, increasing underactive cytokines and decreasing overactive ones, adaptogens can help the body heal itself, instead of doing it with medications.

Actually, many adaptogens such as Ginseng, Astragalus, Reishi, Jiaogulan and Ashwagandha are know as immune system boosters which are also used to treat inflammation, by normalizing overactive immune system.


Lymphatic system is vital part of the immune system. Through the lymph, the body eliminates bacterias, viruses, dead and damaged tissue, excess fluids and protein, fights infections by producing certain white blood cells and antibodies, while filtering the blood.

It consists of lymph nodes, lymph ducts, thymus and the spleen. Spleen is central organ of the lymphatic system which stores red blood cells, processes old blood cells, filters the lymph and the blood, by producing white blood cells.

I remember when I was taking Mullein extract for detox, a huge zit appeared on the upper left side of my stomach, where the spleen is located.

Because of this, I realized the importance of detoxification, after which I took several herbs for complete lymph and liver detox. Liver is detox powerhouse of the body which also filters the blood and produces considerable amounts of lymph fluid.

Although I didn't feel any pain cause of the huge zit, two weeks after I started taking several detox herbs together, the right side of my stomach, where the liver is located, became reddish and hurt for several days.

While I was having an anual heart checkup, few months later, I asked my doctor what could it be. She discard it as a symptom of flu I was having, while rejecting the fact I took several herbs which are meant to help the lymphatic system and the liver, filter out the toxins.


Good bacterias are part of healthy intestinal flora which are vital for strong immune system function. They can actually reduce LDL and increase HDL cholesterol thereby improving LDL to HDL ratio.

Good bacterias improve immune system function, while inhibiting the growth of bad bacterias in the stomach.

If you improve intestinal flora, you can also decrease the risk of gum disease, colon cancer, other digestive problems such as diarrhea, crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome and lower blood pressure.

New research suggests that people whose stomach, colon and intestines were inhabited by good bacterias, had reduced risk of heart disease, anxiety and dementia, less abdominal fat as well as decreased risk of allergies and inflammation.

Probably due to their effect on the anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory cytokines.


In order to decrease the risk of heart disease and immune system related problems, you have to make sure that your defence system is able to deal with viruses, bacterias and toxins.

Good bacterias can inhibit the growth of bad guys in the stomach, while white blood cells destroy them. After which the lymphatic system and the liver will detoxify the blood and the lymph, into to the bowels which will push them out.

When the immune system shuts down, all bets are off which can be seen in the case of decomposing bodies, when bacterias destroy all the tissue, besides bones.

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