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My name is Teo, and I am originally from Croatia, a region known as Dalmatia. I was diagnosed with heart disease at the age of 17.

Although I have experienced some symptoms before I was diagnosed, I really didn't pay too much attention to it.

Because of my age, I taught that the symptoms I was having, were caused by stomach indigestion, bacterial infection or muscle pain. Also, I wasn't feeling the best mentally, since my mother got skin cancer with whom she had lost the battle, couple of years earlier.

On top of that, my grandma, grandpa and few other family members got sick during this time. Sadly, most of them also lost battle for their life. However, my mother's cousin who found out that he has brain cancer in his forties, managed to beat the disease.

Although he did receive chemotherapy and went through surgery, the thing that was the most responsible for his success, at least in his opinion, was diet. When he found out about the disease, he decided to turn to macrobiotic diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

After all this happened, at the age of 17, I had to go through routine medical exam because I received a call from the army of my country. During the test, the doctors noticed some irregularities in my heart function. They sent me to my doctor for consultation which sent me to cardiologist.

Cardiologist decided to do a couple of tests on which he determined that I have heart disease. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, arrhythmia and enlarged heart.

Later I found out that enlarged heart was partially caused by my genetics since my father has it as well as his mother, my late grandmother.

Cardiologist attributed my condition besides my genetics to puberty. He also told me, not to worry, since my heart problems will probably resolve by themself in next two-three years. However, he also prescribed me heart medications.

They were some kind of beta blockers. Because of this I was released from practicing any kind of physical activity in last two years of high school.

My condition didn't bothered me too much since I didn't feel it as much. Although few times per year I would experienced some serious chest and stomach pain, lack of energy, shivering, cold, nausea and vomiting. However, now when I am heart disease free, I don't have none of it but I am jumping too much ahead of the story.

Anyway about two-three years later, I was playing basketball, while all of the sudden, I was so tired that I could barely walk, while my friends were tireless. Couple of months later, I went to do my annual heart check up. The test have shown that some heart markers were better, while other were worse then before. 


This was like a wake up call since the doctor told me, that at this point, I should be ok. This was probably the most important moment in my life. I decided to get rid of heart disease completly and make my cardiovascular system as strong and healthy as I could.

To do so, I needed to learn more, so I read anything I could find about heart healthy diets, foods, even herbs and supplements. I also learned a lot about mental training which in my opinion is the most neglected components of our health, while being one of the most difficult parts to overcome.

Combining them with cardio exercises and paying more attention to overlooked factors of heart disease made a world of difference for me and my heart condition.


After I learned as much as I could, when it comes to heart disease and how to overcome it, I started to implement acquired knowledge. However, this time I decided to go, "balls to the wall".

So, I started to eat very healthy on a regular basis and I worked out few times per week. I also decide to add some supplements to my regiment. Although I have tried many supplements, the most helpful for me were  adaptogens, fish oil, CoQ10, Hawthorn, vitamin D, Forskolin and DIM or Diindolylmethane.

The way you approach treating heart disease, primarily depends on the cause of heart disease which can vary from person to person. In my case, hormones were the most responsible for my condition but being overweight, eating shitty foods, sedentary lifestyle, stress, gum disease and weakened immune function made things worse. 

After sticking to these schedule for about a year, the time came for another heart checkup. This time the test have shown that I was heart disease free and that my heart even reduced in size.

However, I have continued my research in treating and improving cardiovascular system function, thanks to which I managed to improve my conditioning and heart function even more. This caused my heart rate to go as low as 40 beats per minute, while being in top shape. One time I actually measured 37 beats per minute which is usually seen, only in top levels athletes.

Mental training was the last one that I picked up. However, through consistent meditation and other mind training techniques I improved my focus, relaxation, brain power, feeling of well being as well as my resting blood pressure and heart function, even more. I must say, this part was the most difficult to overcome. It takes time and dedication, just as with natural heart disease treatment.


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