The power of natural antibiotics

Natural antibiotics are nature's alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. While antibiotics such as amoxycillin, azithromycin and penicilin can lead to side effects, kill good bacterias in our intestines and create new generation of super bugs which can make the common flu deadly, herbal antibiotics work in completly other fashion.

The role of herbal antibiotics is to attack and destroy bacterias and viruses in the blood, without causing dangerous mutation and adaptations of these dangerous microorganisms. Although most of them aren't that effective in improving immune system function as some other herbs and supplements, few of them provide this type of benefit, too.


Garlic is the most well known herbal antibiotic. People have used it through history to treat flu, cold and numerous other infectious diseases. It strength comes from alicin which is produced from raw, crushed garlic. However, it also has positive effect on immune system function, by encouraging the growth of good bacterias in the stomach.

Goldenseal is the second most well known natural antibiotic. It contains alkaloid berberine which is also found in Barberry, Oregon grape, Poppy, Coptis and few other herbs. Although scientist aren't yet completly sure about its mode of action, they assume it encourages the immune system response toward microbes and prevents their reproduction rather than attacking them directly.

Myrrh is mostly used for fighting the bad bacterias found in oral cavity because of which it has shown the be helpful for treating gum disease, bad breath and mouth ulcers. It can be used internally and externally as well as for improving blood flow which can be very helpful for people with heart disease. However, its use it not advised in people with kidney problems.

Neem is one of versatile natural antibiotics with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and insecticidal properties, thanks to which it is used to treat many diseases. Its power comes from complex and diverse nutritional content. Although it attacks bacterias directly and encourages detoxification, it may also stimulate interferon excretion.

Colloidal silver is relativly safe for humans but toxic for bacteria, algae, and fungi because of which it has been used to treat infections, before antibiotics became available. However, it may cause certain side effects if used in high doses or for prolong amount of time such as blue or gray discoloration of the skin, headache, liver and kidney damage.

Tea Tree Oil is very powerful antiseptic which can only be used externally since it is toxic, when ingested. Its anti-microbal properties mainly comes from Terpinen-4-ol. However, it strong aroma, make it not the most smelling herb. On the other hand, its alleged ability to fight MRSA, herpes, chicken pox, shingles and super bugs make it highly valuable herbal antibiotic.

Manuka Honey is strongest and healthiest type of honey which bees make from tea tree or manuka. Unlike Tea Tree oil, Manuka honey is not toxic for humans, and it can be taken internally. Its strong antimicrobial properties come from methylglyoxal, a type of acid which is highly concentrated in manuka unlike in other honeys. The strength of the honey is labeled with MGO or UMF. MGO and UMF represents the amount of methylglyoxal in it. The higher the number, the better.

Propolis is one of natural antibiotics which doesn't gets too much attention, despite its numerous benefits and extremly rich phytonutrient content. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and immune system stimulating properties. Although it is mostly used to treat gum disease, sore throat and other bacterial disease of the oral cavity, it can also be used to treat herpes, flu, strep throat, candida as well as to decrease the risk of cancer and dementia, thanks to flavonoids found in the propolis such as CAPE.

Wild Indigo is on of herbal antibiotics used to treat colds, flu, bronchitis and to boost immune system. Although it is used to fight bacterial infection, because of its great immune system improving properties, it works well with other antibiotics and immune system boosters.

Spices such as cayenne pepper, thyme, sage and clove are affordable and effective natural antibiotics. Phytochemicals found in these spices such as capsaicin, eugenol, thymol and beta-thujone posses anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Sprinkle some of them on your food to improve the flavour of the food and neutralize dangerous bacterias which may be lurking in your body.

Oregano is also one of the spices but among all of them, it seems to be the most effective because of which it deserves its own place on this list. It contains 36 phytochemicals, among which carvacrol is the strongest one. Carvacrol inhibits further proliferation of several bacterias, attacks them directly and stimulates immune system.

Eucalyptus is used for oral, sinus and respiratory infections, ringworms as well as expectorant to loosen coughs, alleviate congestion and clear the nasal passages. It can be used internally and externally but only if diluted in water. However, if used in high amounts, for longer periods of time or undiluted, it can be toxic and cause side effects. Eucalyptus seems to be somewhat difficult to eliminate from the kidneys, on which people with kidney problems should pay special attention.

Peppermint works well with eucalyptus because of which these two natural antibiotics are frequently found in mouthwashes, chewing gums and toothpastes. On the other hand, thanks to compounds such as menthol, peppermint is mostly used for digestive problems since it can kill bad bacterias in the intestines and encourage the growth of good bacterias. Although it is safer than eucalyptus, you shouldn't overdo it. .

Olive leaf can kill bacterias directly as well as by stimulating immune system. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties which makes it useful for treatment of very large number of diseases, including cancer. Although it contains many unique and powerful phytochemicals, the strongest among them is oleuropein. Also, it seems to be very safe and non-toxic, even in very high doses as well as when taken for extended period of time, unlike pharmaceutical or even some natural antibiotics.

Salt may come as a surprise to some of you but ordinary iodized kitchen salt can kill bacterias very effectively. It is also one of the reason why swimming in the clear sea is so beneficial for our complexion and wound healing. However, you shouldn't use salt for cleaning the body from within since too much sodium can raise blood pressure and damage the kidneys. Instead, use it to treat skin infection and gum disease but be careful not to swallow all that salt, after it kills bacterias in your mouth.


While these antibiotics can fight bacterias, viruses and prevent infectious diseases of the heart muscle, some of them can also improve your cardiovascular system function and treat heart disease in a more direct fashion. I am talking about olive leaf, spices, wild indigo, propolis, garlic and myrrh which can help you in more ways than one.

Also, although some of these natural antibiotics are very potent, combining a couple of them together can improve their ability to kill bacterias and viruses. However, caution should be advised as well as doctor's supervision.

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