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If you have ever searched for complete heart health guide which can lead you to a journey toward improved heart function and the possibility of living heart disease free life, look no further. You have found it.

Heart disease is such a common health concern for more and more people these days that we could call it the disease of a modern man. However, there is a natural cure for it.


Natural remedies such as diet and healthy foods as well as cardio exercises are just few pieces of the puzzle, when it comes to treating heart disease.

Blood pressure, cholesterol, too high body fat percentage, stress, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, drugs and alcohol all have immense impact on the cardiovascular system function.

On the other hand, besides these causes of heart disease, special attention should be placed on the overlooked factors which can cause or aggravate heart disease.

I am talking about hormones, immune system and dental health. You can learn more about these three and their connection with heart disease on heart health guide.

Check my lab results, by clicking on the links located below the navbar, on the left. 

These facts and tips can help you reverse as well as prevent heart disease. However, final results may vary from person to person.


I have been there so I know what am I talking about. was overweight, my blood pressure was between 150/80 and 190/110, while cigarettes and alcohol weren't strangers to me.

At the time, I was having some personal problems and the thing that push me over the edge was that few of my close loved ones have past away.

That lead me to depression and unhealthy lifestyle, including drinking overeating and smoking, where I saw my way out.


After the doctors have noticed irregularities in my tests and EKG results, during my mandatory army medical exam, they send me to my family doctor for further evaluation and additional tests.

My doctor sent me to cardiologist to do ultrasound, holter and another treadmill stress test of my heart.

The results were shocking, I was diagnosed with arrhythmia, high blood pressure and enlarged heart. However, even more shocking was the fact, that I was only 17 years old, at the time.

For more details about diagnostic tools and my experience with some of them, you can read on heart health guide, diagnosis section. 

Eventually, I decided to change my life because I didn't want to be dead before thirty since my heart function went from bad to worse, in span of two years. 

Even my cardiologist proscribed me beta blockers but after I took a few pills, I decided to stop taking them and go ahead with the more natural approach.

So, I changed my diet, stopped smoking and limited my alcohol intake to glass or two daily which gave me good results. Mild chest pain I was having, was gone and my heart muscle was working better, as the tests have shown.

However, I was still a patient since arrhythmia and high blood pressure were still there. Later, I found out that enlarged heart was genetic trait, since my father and grandmother also have it.

Besides having high blood pressure for most of their life, they never had any other heart related problem. Maybe the fact that they were  constantly active has something to do with it. 

Myself, the owner of heart-health-guide.com


Thanks to implementing some of the tips and techniques, about which I talk on heart health guide, I was pleased with my condition for 2 years.

One day, I was playing basketball with my friends, during which I reached the point of exhaustion, while my friends were tireless and quite frankly, I didn't like the feeling of powerlessness.

So, I decided not just to rid of my heart disease completely but to improve my cardiovascular system function as much as I can.

In addition to eating healthy, quiting smoking and controlling my alcohol intake, I took additional steps to achieve my goal. 

I started to workout regularly, lost another 15 pounds, learned about stress menagment and healthy herbs and suppliments such as hawthorn and fish oil, that were only the tip of the iceberg.

The next time when I went to my cardiologist, the tests were perfect and you know what, I felt great. I had a lot more energy, I wasn't sleepy anymore, the arrhythmia was gone and my blood pressure was textbook.


As a person works out, cardiovascular system function improves. However, in some people the heart muscle can also get larger and thicker.

Although cardiac enlargement is usually a sign of heart disease or genetic trait, it can happen in very active individuals, especially in top level athletes which is beneficial adaptation to the increased workload.

However, I experienced the complete opposite since my heart was already considerably enlarged, due to genetic factors and heart disease. As I began to work out, my heart muscle actually started to decrease in size, while its function and blood pressure improved.

That being said, it is and it will always be a little bit bigger, due to my genetic blueprint.


I found out that my former cardiologist, Dr. Lozo, the one that prescribed me beta blockers has past away. However, what is even more shocking, is that he died from heart attack.

I mean, cardiologist to die from heart attack. It makes you wonder. Although, he was in his 50s, it is still shocking to hear that a doctor which should treat heart related problems, becomes the victim of this disease, especially at his age which isn't that old, considering the average life span of humans in 21.st century.

If there is anyone thinking that I made this up, unfortunately, this is a true story. The man is dead. His wife lost a husband and his children, if he had any, lost a father. I would never make up such a horrible story, just to convey my message.

Sadly, his story can teach us that anyone can become a victim and that even pharmaceutical drugs, although helpful, aren't a permanent solution.


That being said, I have serched and searched for heart related diets, foods, herbs, exercises, supplements, causes as well as different healing techniques. Most of them you can find on my heart health guide website.

Many of them worked for me, so there is no reason why some of them shouldn't work for you. Also, over time as I acquired new knowledge, I managed to improve my heart function even more, in which newly acquired mental training techniques helped a lot.

I wish you all the best in treating heart disease, naturally. ;)

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