Dental health heart disease connection: Act now

Dental health heart disease connection is in the same basket as hormones and immune system. However, it is not neglected as much as these two are.

Nevertheless, oral hygiene or better said lack of it, is associated with heart related problems as well as with other potentially life threatening diseases. It is also directly affected by endocrine and immune system function.

I would also advise you to think about making your own homemade toothpaste. It doesn't contain harmful substances which can be found in commercial brands. Also, it kills bacterias more efficiently.


There are numerous bacterias in our oral cavity which have an effect on dental health heart disease phenomenon. Most of them are good, while only few of them can be harmful.

Usually the good ones keep the bad guys at bay, if our dental hygiene is in check. However, if the situation is the other way around, then the risk of gum disease and heart disease is increased.

When bad guys outnumber the good guys, they start attacking the gum tissue, while destroying enamel of the teeth. Overtime, mild case of gum disease can develop into gingivitis. In extreme cases, it can lead to periodontitis as well as heart related problems. 


Some of these bacterias can enter the bloodstream which can have direct effect on the cardiac muscle and blood vessels.

Actually, several species of periodontitis causing bacterias have been found in the atherosclerotic plaque attached to the artery walls and in the heart. While plaque can cause heart attack, invading bacterias can lead to endocarditis.

If bacterias reach the heart chambers, they can damage the valves and cardiac muscle which can result in heart failure, in some cases. However, that is not the only bond between poor oral hygiene and heart disease.


Bacterias originating from the gum tissue may also release toxins which  can resemble proteins found in the bloodstream.

As a cascade reaction, inflammation from the mouth can spread  throughout the body, including the arteries and the cardiac muscle, while causing heart attack or stroke in the process.

It is another reason which should encourage you to pay more attention on oral hygiene and heart disease connection.


Hormonal imbalance can cause or aggravate gum disease and heart disease which makes it especially dangerous. The most obvious examples are pregnancy and chronic stress.

During pregnancy, while placenta is producing mega doses of progesterone, gum tissue can become very sensitive. Some women can even experience sore or bleeding gums.

On the other hand, in case of chronic stress, cortisol, CRH and ACTH can be elevated. Elevated stress hormones suppress immune system which leaves more space for harmful oral bacterias to develop.


Although there are several tips that can help improve oral hygiene, reduce the risk of gum disease and heart disease, salt is one of the most effective and affordable natural remedies.

It can kill harmful bacterias which may linger in the oral cavity, waiting for their opportunity to attack. Also, you don't need to buy mouthwash, instead make your own.

Use small bottle, fill it with hot water and add few tablespoons of ionized salt. To make it even stronger, add several drops of oregano, peppermint and eucalyptus oil. You can buy them on internet for few bucks, each.

By limiting sugary foods and drinks, brushing your teeth regularly, flossing and using mouthwash, the risk of dental health heart disease connection will be greatly reduced.

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