Exercise motivation tips: What really matters

Exercise motivation tips can come in handy, especially to beginners as well as to those people who are working out for some time now and which are thinking to quit.

I personally, like to play sports and exercise but in one period of my life, I didn't do none of that. Although other factors did have an effect on my condition, lack of physical activity, was one of the main causes of heart disease, in my case.

Because of it, I didn't have problem motivating myself. Also, since I love to exercise, once I began to workout again, I couldn't stop. Only injuries and overtraining caused minor setbacks, in my training schedule.

However, other exercise motivation tips also come in handy, in cases when my motivation is not that high. After all, we are all humans.


Health benefits such as improved immune system, decreased risk of many diseases, healthier body, better blood sugar control, higer anti-aging hormone levels and all in all, improved general well being, is my main motivation when it comes exercise.

Endorphin rush is like a reward or a prize after a good workout. Although it may not be strong enough reason which could encourage you to exercise, that euphoric feeling, certainly doesn't hurt. I got used to it because of which exercising became like a drug to me but in a good way.

Stress reduction is very simple to achieve through exercise which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. However, if you work out for too long you can actually make things worse. Keep that in mind.

Self-improvment is also one of the big factors when it comes to exercise motivation tips. Why would you be satisfied with being an average version of yourself. You should work every day on becoming a better person, physically and mentally for which exercise is one of the best and simplest ways to do so.

Improved heart function for those who have some form of cardiovascular disease or increased risk of heart disease should be all the motivation they need. This alone, was more than enough for me.

Lower cholesterol levels is another great effect of exercise, particulary for those with clogged blood vessels due to high cholesterol.

Lower blood pressure values, besides improved heart function, is the most useful effect of exercise for people suffering from high blood pressure. It was and still is, one of the main exercise motivation tips for me.

Before and after pictures can be a great tool for keeping the motivation to exercise, especially if you are overweight. However, I didn't take any before and after pictures since losing weight wasn't my primary goal.

However, I saw some of my old pictures and in comparison to my new physique, the difference was astonishing. This kind of motivation can be very effective. Even people that didn't see me for a long time, were amazed.

Higher self-esteem comes "hand in hand" with better looking physique. Who didn't felt better and more confident, after losing a couple of pounds? Maybe it sounds shallow but it is the truth.

Positive effect on other areas of your life that comes from exercising regulary along with healthy diet. Dedication and hard work reflects on to other aspects of life such as work, socializing, health and mental well-being.

Other people's inspiring stories may encourage you to exercise. I didn't use this method before but lately, while surfing the web, I encounter some really inspiring stories, from time to time, or stumble upon motivational video, after which I just want to go out and work out.

Working out with a friend can make things more interesting and entertaining. If you exercise regularly, you may find it difficult to exercise with a friend every time. However, breaking up the routine from time to time, will help keep the "fire burning" inside.

Music is one of the most effective and simplest exercise motivation tips used by thousands of people. The music can help ignite the spark and put you in a "zone" by shutting down all the unnecessary thoughts, in your mind. So, filll up your mp3 with favorite workout songs and get to work.

Keeping notes about your progress doesn't refers on your weight although this too can be inspiring. It refers to your aerobic and anaerobic abilities. If you are jogging, measure how long can you run without stopping, if your are sprinting, measure your speed on 100 meters.

You can also measure your strength by lifting weights and keeping track about the numer of reps and the amount of weight you can lift, in comparison to your prior workouts. However, when it comes to cardio training, keeping track of your heart rate during and after exercise, is what gives the best overview of your progress.

Have fun. Despite all the exercise motivation tips, if you don't find something you like about exercising, it is most likely you will quit, eventually. Some people work out only because of other people's attention.

While this works for some, in my opinion it is not the best or the most long lasting option but hey whatever works for you. I personally, exercise regulary for myself due to health benefits and self improvment, although other motivational tips do help.

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