How to quit smoking

Everyone wants to know how to quit smoking. Well, you shouldn't start smoking in the first place but who am I to say that. As a former nicotine addict, I can't preach to you about how bad smoking really is, for your health. On the other hand, maybe my experience can help you, quit smoking.

I had my first cigar while I was 16 years old. During teenage years most kids want to become an adult. One of the easiest way to achieve this, is to do what grown ups do. So, we start smoking, drinking and doing everything else that we are not allowed to do, at that age.

Forbidden goodies are always the most interesting. Although at that time, we don't think how to quit smoking but we are looking a way to begin with it, we regret it later in life.

Anyway, although I wasn't drawn to smoking, because of pier pressure I was kinda push into it. While in the beggining, the taste of the cigare was kinda repulsive, over time I used to it, even began to like it. Eventually, I couldn't imagine my day without it. If you are reading this, you know the feeling, I don't need to tell you that.


Year and half later, at 17, I was diagnosed with heart disease. At first, I didn't change anything in my life although the news were shocking. However, a couple of months later, a click happened in my head. I decided to change a couple of things, including my smoking habits.

As you can see, I wasn't heavy cigarete smoker since I had barely two years "under my belt", so to speak. Although I decided to quit smoking primarily due to my heart condition, the cost of buying cigars was also a factor. Estimate just how much money you could save on cigars. That alone will motivate you, at least to consider quitting, unless money is not a problem for you.

On the other hand, a fear of death or deadly disease should really make you think twice about lighting one up. I didn't had to imagine it, I experienced it.

While nicotine chewing gums, patches and other helpful wonders can help, the fact is that all comes down to you. Your mental power and a will to succeed are what really matters.

When I decided to quit, that was it and there was no turning back. To me, it wasn't a question how to quit smoking but what else can I do to cure my heart disease.

It is also important to get rid of all the cigars in your vicinity. Although you can always go to seven-eleven and buy a pack, if they are near you, it will be even harder to control the urge. While it is almost imposible to stay away from people who smoke, in order to avoid cravings, try to keep the distance, at least till the worst has passed.

When you feel a need to light one up, concentrate on something which interest you to put your mind at ease. You can exercise, have a healthy snack in a form of a fruit, watch a movie, read a good book or take a walk with a friend.

It takes some time for the brain to overcome a desire for nicotine, so don't back down. Keep going forward and the urge will subside. It took me a week to pass this point but I was smoking only for two years. Someone who has smoked cigars for his entire life will be faced with much tougher challange then I have been. However, the rules are the same.

In this case, the more support you have from your friends and family, the better. Also, when it comes to the pills, one of my friends found them to be very helpful but in my opinion they are not necessary. Although they are the first and only option for some people who are looking how to quit smoking.

Anyway, according to him the pills work by changing the way you feel while smoking cigars. With them, the taste of tobacco becomes unbearable. Considering how much he smoked while taking them, he says that he would have been disgusted by cigars, even without taking the pills. That is meant to be a joke although there is some truth in it.

This approach is nothing new. Hypnosis is also used for the same purpose by changing the outlook and your taste in cigars. Acupuncture is another technique which can help.


There are couple of reasons behind it. First and foremost, smoking helps relieve mental stress. Stress is associated with weight gain. Besides that, smoking speeds up metabolism, slightly thereby burning more calories while it suppresses appetite, at the same time. This helps keep the weight off while smoking but quitting suddenly causes metabolism to slow down and appetite to go up which leads to weight gain.

Another reasons behind weight gain which is not very well known, is its affect on hormones. Cigars contain a chemicals which are able to inhibit aromatase, an enzyme which is responsible for estrogen production by aromatazing androgens such as testosterone into estrogens.

When you stop smoking cigars, the less of these chemicals you have in your system, obviously. This causes an increase in estrogen levels in the body. While testosterone burns fat, estrogen leads to more fat and thrives on it since the enzyme aromatase is primarily located in the adipose tissue, fat.

Also, high estrogen can interfere with thyroid function by causing a decrease in its hormone production. Thyroid is the main regulator of your metabolism which is strongly associated with weight loss and weight gain.


Besides wanting to know how to quit smoking, a lot of people want to know to avoid weight gain associated with it. The first thing you can do is to gradualy decrease the amount of cigars you smoke, day by day,until cutting them completely. This will prevent a big shock to the system and help you get rid of nicotine addiction more easily.

When you feel the need to light one up, you can substitute that need for something else, such as food. However, you shouldn't substitute one bad habit for another by eating junk food, cookies or drinking alcohol. Instead, eat fruits, margarine free popcorns, raisins, carrot sticks, have a cup of nuts and almonds, drink water, chew a gum or do something else that you like, to overcome the need for cigare.

Meditation, video games or a match of basketball can also help if you are looking how to quit smoking and avoid weigh gain in the process. Not just to overcome the urge and fat gain but to relieve stress.

To nullify its affect on metabolism, you can have a couple of smaller meals throughout the day and do some high intensity exercises, if you are able. This will help you speed up metabolism and burn more calories causing weight loss instead of weight gain or it will prevent it, at least.

When it comes to hormones, you can eat white button mushrooms, broccoli, brussels sprouts, citrus fruits and have a glass of vine. They contain natural aromatase inhibitors which will prevent increase in estrogen and protect the thyroid gland from its effects thereby preventing weight gain.


Don't be afraid to fail. Some people which are searching a way how to quit smoking, don't even try to quit due to fear of failure. If you fail, learn from it and do it again, when you feel ready.

However once you decide to quit, stay dedicated to the goal. Your mind is the most important in the fight against nicotine addiction but all these tips can help too.

There are even some herbs such as Lobelia, Horehound, Mullein, Oats, Valerian, Licorice and Passionflower which may help fight nicotine addiction. On the other hand, I didn't use any of them for this purpose, so I don't know do they really work.

Rather concentrate on preparing yourself mentally and physically. Ask for a support from your friends and family and learn how to say no to the craving as well as to people who smoke. Consulting with your doctor and searching for an advice from people that managed to beat nicotine addiction, may also help.

So there is your answer on how to quit smoking. I hope it helps. I wish you all the luck and mental strength in overcoming this nasty addiction.

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