How to be happy with these techniques and reduce the risk of heart disease

It seems that we forgot, how to be happy. While modern society offers technology, plenty of food and the opportunities to travel around the world, we are still experiencing depression, anxiety and other mood related disorders.

On the other hand, trying to keep or find a job, earn money, feed the kids and pay the bills in this fast life, leaves a little space to actually enjoy free time.

However, there a couple of useful techniques which can help you ease the tension and release all that stress, frustration or fear. If done properly, they can improve your mood and help you achieve a state of happiness.


Laughter is one of the most basic human reactions associated with happiness and joy. It affects the limbic system, especially amygdala which is responsible for processing emotions. Laughter can ease the tension by relaxing the limic system, including amygdala which helps relieve stress by lowering stress hormones. This chemical reaction in your head trigered by laughter, leads to improved mood.

However, it can also boost your immune system and decrease the risk of heart disease. There a couple of ways to provoke this reaction. You can watch funny video clips on the internet or TV, socialize with funny people or practice, so called, laughter yoga. During laughter yoga, you are in fact forcing yourself to laugh. Although it can make you feel very silly in the beggining, as the time goes, you start to laugh for real when the brain "picks up" the message.

Laughter yoga is probably the best and most effective technique for stimulating laughter, especially for someone in very bad mood and inability to laugh or even smile. Since laughter is "contagious", it is usually done in group. However, you can do it alone but in privacy because if anyone sees you, they will think that you are crazy or mentally challenged.


Although anger is the furthest emotion from happiness, besides sadness, it can be useful in improving mood. Look at it as way to chanel your frustrations and expel them out from your mind. Although it would be the best to avoid it, in reality we all experience it, sooner or later.

When you get to that boiling point and you just have to say something, take two steps back. Find a private space or take a ride in your car during which you can shout, swear, scream and say whatever is bothering you, in which ever language, tone or way you want. This way, you avoid confrontations and arguments with individuals or about matters, you don't want to talk with or about. While at the same time, you get rid of all that negative emotions inside of you.

If you are doing it in your house, you can scream into a pillow, so nobody outside the house can't hear you. Assuming that you have a house for yourself while the windows and doors are closed, for better sound insulation. Although avoiding problems isn't the best solution, sometimes it can be only valuable option left. Also, make sure that you don't need to use this technique too often since too much anger can be bad for your heart.


Beneficial effect of music on the mood is known for a long time. Although listening our favorite songs, lifts our spirit and makes us feel better, singing is even more effective. Studies have shown that mood improved in people who sang and in those who just listened their favorite music.

However, mood boosting and stress relieving effect was stronger and more long lasting in people who sang than in those who just listened the music. You don't need to be a good singer, the trick is to sing from the heart, feel the music and have fun in the process.


Meditate in quiet enviroment and concentrate on slow, deep breathing. Empty your mind, don't think about anything, only concentrate on inhaling and exhaling.

At the same time, try to relax as much as possible and let the feeling of serenity fulfill your body. Although it sounds easy, it can be very difficult to control your thoughts and achieve this state. It may take some time and a couple of sessions, before training your mind to do so.


Instead of relaxing and eliminating every thought from your mind, you are concentrating on emphasizing the positive ones, while dealing with the negative ones, through self talk.

Project positive images, uplifting thoughts, believe in yourself and your ability to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life and stay on your path. Stay true to yourself.


This method is similar to the last one. However, you are focusing on happy memories, instead on the positive thoughts. Although some may consider these two the same, they are not.

Try to focus on people, objects, pets, happy events and other things in your life which make you happy and put a smile on your face. For example, most of us will feel joy while thinking about our significant other.

However, you may also feel happier while thinking about your friends, a pet, pay check, God, children, car, inspiring life stories or some other joyful memory.


Some of these, how to be happy techniques, are easier to do than others, such as music, laughter and anger therapy. On the other hand, meditation and positive thoughts can be a little bit more demanding.

Also, find something you like doing which gives you joy. Maybe you can't do it for a living but making a hobby out of it, can put a smile on your face.

Happiness is a state of mind. While these techniques, can help you come closer to positive state of mind, you have to work on it, to get to it as well as to keep it.

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