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I was recently informed about a particular company, IMPUHLS, whose work includes promoting awareness about heart disease, while part of their income goes to heart disease research.

Story revolves  around a young man which started a clothing line to help raise money for heart research to save lives. Nicholas Helfer was inspired by his girlfriend Ashlin which has very rare heart condition

Also, you can donate funds, buy a shirt or help them by sharing a link to their site. 

Link to IMPUHLS website:


IMPUHLS was founded in late 2011 by Nicholas Helfer, inspired by his friend Ashlin, who has a very rare heart condition along with her family. One crazy, unpredictable thing with this disease is how quick things could change.

He saw all the pain on a day to day basis of everything Ashlin and her family have to go through. After many nights of following one too many ambulances to the emergency room, it was then that Nicholas realized he needed to do something but didn't know what exactly.

A few months went by and he saw Ashlin go to the hospital, get a defibrillator and realize that she could not sit in a classroom at a regular university because of this disease.

Struck with the desire and responsibility to help, he decided one night that he would establish a clothing company. The clothing company would be a snow/surf company, as the two friends always loved snowboarding and surfing.

This disease however, has taken these sports away from Ashlin, along with many other activities. Taking into huge consideration that heart diseases are the #1 cause of death in America, 25% of all sales, will go to the research of heart disease.

Helping others through activities everyone will experience at least once in their life, will allow our company to impact peoples’ lives, starting a movement of giving and encouragement.

That’s the definition of Impuhls and that is what we hope to do through our clothing. We want to rise up and show the world that we can all start giving to help and be a part of something much greater in life.

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